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Company Profile

U-ZO co,.ltd.

Company Principle

Science Communication

Mitaka Office

Mitaka Sangyo Plaza #410
3-38-4 Shimorenjyaku
Mitaka, Tokyo JAPAN 181-0013
Tel +81-422-72-8651 Fax +81-422-72-8651

The President : Yuzo Koga
     a Science Communicator, a Contents and Web Producer,
     a Lecturer of Hokkaido Univ.(Science Communication Program)
     The Unit of "The Science Communicator as a Profession"
     The Regular member of Japanese Association of Science & Technology Journalists

Prizes 2001 Yahoo!Japan Cool site approved
      2001 2003 Nifty Homepage Contest nominated for the Final
     2005 Homepage Contest of Aichi Expo received the Excellent prize
     2008 The JASTJ Prize (Japanese Association of Science & Technology Journalists)
     2011 commended by "The Commendation for Science and Technology by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology from Japanese Government"

Profile 1997 A Master degree of Science from Nihon Univ. Tokyo, JAPAN
     Technology and Science of Mechanics Major
     (Analysis of Dynamic motion for speed-skating worked with the Japanese Gold Medallist
     Hiroyasu Shimizu)
     Toshiba Information Systems Corporation
     Start up U-ZO co.,ltd.