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Science Communication

It came to often hear recently "Science Communication".
We've paid attention importantly and been doing various activities in the field since our business started.

A Proposal by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (in Japan)

Even Japan is aiming to the Science Technology powered Nation, the decreasing of the people's interest to Science and Technology is worried.
In the announcement of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, the decreasing of the people's interest under 30's is very remarkable. That will be the one of National problems.

The one of the reasons why it causes the decrease of the people's interest to Science and Technology would be some classroom-level education problems, and a shortage of Communications between General people and Scientists on the field.
The appeals of the science and technology's attraction to the children and the grasp of the problems in general that the scientists have on the site don't work well enough because of the shortage of communications. The fact would cause various problems.

As let people to know that the attraction and knowledge of the science and technology easier and the current problems that the science and technology sites have are remarked as important from the Ministry of Education and the science and technology councils. The method of the science communication and the existence of the science communicators are paying people's attention.

We chiefly act and come as science communicators aiming at the concern improvement to general people's science and technologies based on the contents and results have been cultivated up to now, which are the knowledge and experience of the science and technology, jointed works with scholars and researchers and producing the contents for the entertainment and the business solution coordinate.

The fault of the phrase [Children's detached from the sciences]is, it makes feel the adult is one-sidedly pushing the responsibility to the children. The children see the adult state and grow up. To lead children have the interest in sciences let the adult be interested in sciences as an important matter.Therefore we pay attention and act first to the approach to adults.

We understand there are many people don't like to hear the words like science,mathematics and physics...However, we can't avoid the sciences because it's already a part of our life.
If we don't start to develop the young talents who support the science in the future, it would be threaten our society and global environment.

[ The main content of activities ]

The digital contents development management

There are many homepages have the science contents. When we produce contents, note the concept including the viewer's target setting and the Balance itself are the most important aspect. We can see often that the science contents have too much scientists side's opinions, as a result the homepage would be too difficult for general viewers.
As the balance between what the scientists want to tell and what we want to know is most important for the contents, we are producing them carefully including choosing the sentences, the illustration and image design.

  • 2001 Yahoo!Japan Cool site approved
  • 2001 2003 Nifty Homepage Contest nominated for the Final
  • 2005 Homepage Contest of Aichi Expo received the Excellent prize

Lecture and event activity
The basis of the science and technology communications is talking in face to face and knowing the opinions and the ideas each other.
We don't handle the sciences as difficulty, it's rather letting people know it's related to the people's life closely, and knowing it is very important for your life, the education and the global environment. The lectures have held in some universities and schools and the some event activities have done including children.